Wednesday, 13 August 2014

God's Pond... Stop this Extreme Cruelty :(

I wonder what kind of ritual is this? I wonder what kind of fear it is?? Why can’t people understand that GOD never never ask for such kind of sacrifices???. Why can’t people sacrifice their ignorance, their negative thought , their cruelty ???  what is the fault of those helpless animal?????
I know what all you are think about the topic GOD’s Pond today I got to see this shocking picture in today's news paper The Himalayan Times, and you can guess whats happening there.
          Nine young  teenagers  one billy goat and competition start in a pond to kill the goat. I read few blog and news that this kind of horrible ceremonial killing practice observed each year in Khokana village... celebrated by the locals in August each year and part of this celebration includes tearing apart a live young goat.
Why So??
Traditional believe tells that this practice is originated from fear of GOD, There is a pond in that village and as per locals numbers of children drowned in the pond hence they believe this as the act of GOD. Hence villagers started sacrificing a goat life every year in order to please the GOD.

GOD blamed again…why don’t you challenge your ignorance?
If this is due to a simple pond issue why they need that pond or why can’t they just manage the pond. Instead of taking security move for children taking life of helpless goat sounds inhuman, unethical, and illegal and indicates towards collapse of civilization, stop blaming GOD and challenge your ignorance
Be Aware - and overcome your false believe
Believe in your GOD but be aware that no GOD ever ask for such kind of cruelty don`t kill Animals at least by this way L. Animals have feelings like us, they feel pain like we feel,  they are afraid like we in our adverse time. Please don`t do with animals, what you don`t want, that someone will do with you. After  banning human sacrifice and widow burning this time lets speak up to save helpless Goat and lets ban this cruelty towards animal immediately.
Have a look whats happening there... L

Please sign the petition against this cruelty follow the link
Please Note:  My intention is not to target any particular cast, ethnic group, or  any religion. I expressed my feelings, emotion towards cruelty against the animal 

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