Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Three Investment Habits which is necessary to learn

Risk Calculation-Take calculated risk
One of the biggest and important learning is risk calculation before 
making an investment its rightly said big reward usually only comes with big risk but it 
is also being said that “Cut your cloth according to your throat” which means do 
whatever you want to do within your ability I mean to say just take risk up that limit 
only where you can bear the risk. The key to this theory is to manage that risk based 
upon facts and logic. Don’t be stupid and “hope for the best.” If you are new 
to investing,whether it is in the stock market or you are starting your own business, 
talk to experts in that field, learn all the possibility outcomes of your investment and 
make a decision based upon logic.
Always Stay focused and consistent
Being focused on your goals and staying consistent are two habits that we can all
improve upon. It is another important habit which is necessary to learn for all of us.
Following the stock market Regularly
If you want to invest and accrue wealth, the stock market is a good place to start. But 
before investing in stock market it is necessary to acquire the deep knowledge of 
market for that it is necessary to track the current happenings in the capital market. 
This can be done going through the daily news paper make your own analysis and 
compare with other famous analyst and Get a great understanding of the market, how 
derivatives work and all the factors that influence the price of a company’s stock. By 
becoming more educated, you will be able to make good decisions when it comes to 
your retirement accounts and other investments.  Don’t just listen to a financial 
adviser, and don't go for investment until you understand the business(investment) 
really learn what stocks are valuable and why – this will help you achieve a higher 
level of personal wealth in the long-run.

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