Sunday, 16 March 2014

Angel Investor....

Are you an entrepreneur? Looking for an infusion of capital for your startup?? If the answer is yes then you may curious about “angel investors”. You may have great plan regarding your business but you might not have sufficient capital to implement your plan in to action
or expand your business further or say your company may be still too small and unproven to attract money from venture capital firms; here “angel investor” can be an option you wish to choose for infusion of capital for your business.

Historically it has been believed that term "angel" originally comes from Broadway, where it was used to describe wealthy individuals who provided money for theatrical productions. In 1978, William Wetzel, then a professor at the University of New Hampshire and founder of its Center for Venture Research, completed a pioneering study on how entrepreneurs raised seed capital in the USA, and he began using the term "angel" to describe the investors that supported them. So from that time Angel Investor went on viral in financial world.

Being clear on what you want to do and how you will do…
Let’s say you have a business which has no great strategic plan to expand to enter new markets then an angel investor may not be interested to invest in your company. So in order to attract the angel investor you must be clear with your business vision, mission, short term and long term strategic plan

Who exactly angel investor is?
So...An Angel investor is a wealthy individual willing to invest in a new company at its earlier stage of startup in exchange for an ownership stake, often in the form of preferred stock or convertible debt. Angel investors always look for the businesses that have high potential for growth and clear way for profitability. They always look for scalability in the business.


  1. Nice thank you for such article....but can you explain who can be angel investor and how it different from venture capital??

    1. Any individual who have enough wealth, may be friends, family or any referral, retired people who wish to invest in new idea. An angels investor invest their own funds, while in venture capital(also called pool of investor money)… here capitalists invest money that they've collected from institutions, pension funds, wealthy individuals,etc...