Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is can do miracle in your life well if you are known and in habit of it you would not be saying it a miracle and truly speaking  this is not miracle. If you judge it in scientific way it is a complete Science.
Overambitious can be Harmful
Always start from easy, make a regular habit and then increase your efficiency gradually. Don’t try to jump
take a small step at initials. Trying complicated pose of yoga just for the sake of showing to others, so don’t think that only allopathic has side effects, over ambitiousness can be harmful to you.

Watch your Thoughts
Our thoughts process has great role to our lives and it has great impact on once physical and social Aspect. You need to have a good thought process, positive attitude. There is no doubt that a positive attitude can have tremendous positive energy within you which ultimately make you Happy and prosper.

Feel The Change
YOGA & meditations can change your life for sure. Watch your feelings, Thoughts, and behavior and most importantly stay happy. Join Patanjali yog samiti nepal - kathmandu 1, Minabhawan Centre for free yoga and meditation camp join YOGA for better health and feel the difference. Stay happy stay healthy.

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