Saturday, 24 January 2015

Improving Reading Habit!

There can be different reason for reading books to different people. We don't require to think much about the reason behind reading books regularly, no doubt this habit has great impact...i remember a quote that "when you are reading you are not alone" this is true because when ever you read a book you visualize which create an image in your mind. I have my own reason behind reading the books that's why I love reading books...How to improve reading habit? Few of you may have this question in your mind so today on this prestigious day of "Sarswati puja" i want to talk about how and why to improve reading habit. This is few tricks which i have applied in myself and believe me this works.

the first thing you need to do is read news paper every morning. While you are reading make sure you read a bit louder this will improve your speaking skill too.

You think your English is poor ?, well reading comics can have great impact. Comics includes different dialogue with picture so if you don't understand the dialogue, picture can be helpful in that case. 

Movie with subtitle:
If you are watching movie make sure that you watch it with subtitle. So reading subtitle has also good impact on improving reading habit.

visit to the library on the regular basis beside this you can have your own library. Keep the collection of all those book which you love to read.

find a quite place for reading. This have great impact on understanding what you read, so make sure you have good environment for reading. Try to avoid disturbing factor.

Read it what you see:
you got a product in your hand read the description of that product, for example if you are hungry and you bought lets say WiWi noodles or any other product, you can read the description given on the wrapper. You can do this on any products like chocolate, biscuit, medicine, manuals etc.

while you are reading you need to visualize it. If you are reading any novel you need to create a visual in your mind, this will help to remember for long. It improves memory power.

Read regularly:
Try to read on the regular basis no matter whether you read for ten minutes or hours... you need to keep on doing this on the regular basis.

Make a Note:
Last but not the least, maintain a proper dairy for what ever you read. Choose the topic you like most and maintain a note own your own. This will improve your writing skill too.

These are few tricks which i have applied with me and its fun. What do you think is this helpful to improve reading habit. Don't forget to leave your thinking on reading books below in the comment section. Thanks

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